Artist Intro: Ailie Robertson

Ailie Robertson (SCO) is an excellent harpist (also composer, teacher, educator etc) who can use the fragile sounding Celtic harp as both a great lead instrument and band instrument (she is part of the brilliant The Outside Track). Imposing musicianship and nice variety of styles on all her solo albums, with just the right musicians and brilliant arrangements of both trad and original material that covers not only the Scottish tradition but occasionally reaches out to continental Europe as well. Not always the most danceable music; I like to listen to Ailie’s albums sometimes ”up close” with headphones – such details! – and sometimes in the background, nicely ornamenting and bringing light. I had the pleasure to meet her briefly after the Outside Track gig in Celtic Connections 2019 and she was just like her music: positive and radiant and approachable 🙂


Ailie Robertson on the Web:

Ailie’s Home Page
iTunes / Apple Music
Bandcamp – if you want to fully support the artists, go here, because artists and labels upload music to Bandcamp and control how they sell it, setting their own prices, offering fans the option to pay more and selling merchandise.

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