Artist Intro: Ange Hardy

Ange Hardy (ENG) is definitely one of the leading lights of the British folk scene in the 2010’s as her voice and style give new blood to the British ballad tradition. She is unique artist whose evolution has been fast and impressive – her debut album was stylistically more “modern” (whatever that may mean) but since that she’s honed her own approach and achieved very notable results.. Her trademarks are multilayered vocals that she uses to great effect; sparse but very detailed and focused instrumentation; a quiet but very commanding intensity that occasionally deepens into an almost trance-like music. It’s a audio tapestry with lots of depth and color that lives very much in the present and at the same time reaches far back into England’s musical history and song traditions.


Ange Hardy on the Web:

Ange’s Home Page
iTunes / Apple Music
Bandcamp – if you want to fully support the artists, go here, because artists and labels upload music to Bandcamp and control how they sell it, setting their own prices, offering fans the option to pay more and selling merchandise.

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