Artist Intro: Anna Murray (Anna Mhoireach)

Anna Murray (Anna Mhoireach) (SCO) is a piper-singer-actress-composer who made three solo albums between 1994 and 1999. They are very pleasant, well executed offerings with surprisingly rich arrangements that expand the trad format into singer-songwriter and even world music territory, with varied percussions and tastefully used synths giving the material its own personality. As far as I’m aware, this is her entire recorded output, at least as a solo artist. I could have listened to some more… 🙂


Anna Murray on the Web:

Home Page
Spotify – as Anna Murray
Spotify – as Anna Mhoireach
iTunes / Apple Music – as Anna Murray
iTunes / Apple Music – as Anna Mhoireach

Bandcamp – if you want to fully support the artists, go here, because artists and labels upload music to Bandcamp and control how they sell it, setting their own prices, offering fans the option to pay more and selling merchandise.

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