Artist Intro: Allison Kinnaird

Allison Kinnaird (SCO) is, according to Wikipedia, “M.B.E, is a glass sculptor, Celtic musician, teacher and writer” – whew! Her contribution to recorded Celtic folk music is very notable, as she made her first Celtic harp album, The Harp Key, already back in 1978. Between that album and the last one, The Silver String (2004), she made a few solo and collaboration albums that feature the Celtic harp. Some of these albums are literally 100 % solo harp and they are enchanting, if at first the fragile music may take some getting used to. The collaboration projects are more varied in instrumentation.
With Brittany’s Alan Stivell, Allison Kinnaird is the key musician who, in the 1970’s brought the Celtic harp to the fore and formed the ground for successful 21st Celtic harpists like Ailie Robertson and Catriona McKay.


Alison Kinnaird on the Web:

Home Page
iTunes / Apple Music

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