Artist Intro: Beinn Lee

Beinn Lee (SCO) have just one – that’s one as in (1), folks – album out but I decided to have them listed here anyway, because the album, Osgarra, is just fab in my ears (and my wife’s, so there).
They are a young and very much upcoming band from Uist in the Outer Hebrides, playing all original material I might call “upgraded cèilidh music”: you’ve got your various Scottish dances and some almost C&W flavored songs, all set to accompany an evening’s merriment, but it’s brushed up, polished and turned up a notch or two, especially the extended album closer, Finale. Though most of the songs are traditional in style, they come with various modern spices in the arrangements, sometimes with an almost rock beat to them. Music to move your body and make you smile, and so effortlessly well played. Waiting for more here, very much convinced this team will go far yet.


Beinn Lee on the Web:

Home Page
iTunes / Apple Music

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