Artist Intro: Blazin’ Fiddles

Blazin’ Fiddles (SCO) are an iconic Northern Scottish fiddle band with several albums and tours and loads of fans all over the world. Quite a few Scottish top fiddlers like Aidan O’Rourke, Duncan Chisholm and Iain MacFarlane have played with BF in the past and the current lineup is pure dynamite too. The past members list is long and the lineup has changed very much since the 2002 debut – one might say BF has been something of a an academy for almost two decades – but lead Blazer Bruce MacGregor has kept the band going unfalteringly to this day.

The BF concept is deceptively simple: take at least four fiddles, a guitar and a piano and play trad. Sounds simple and kind of “so…?” but is anything but. The BF albums are simply joyous affairs, with the multi-fiddle attack powering the irresistible dance tunes but also displaying nuance and depth in the quieter moments. It’s grrreat stuff – but do catch them live if you can – on stage, they’re positively nuclear, as I had the pleasure to witness during Celtic Connections 2019 🙂


Blazin’ Fiddles on the Web:

Home Page
iTunes / Apple Music

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