Artist Intro: Caladh Nua

Caladh Nua (IRE) are a vibrant Irish trad band whose four albums, especially the latest, Free and Easy (2016), are among my Irish favorites. With five very capable musicians, they offer a fresh and bright take on traditional music. As far as style and arrangements go, the band stays waist deep in trad and does not attempt to change the rules in any way but the talented ensemble plays like they pretty much invented these sounds. I’d say Caladh Nua is one of those bands that you can use to test your own or your friend’s taste for Irish music; if you don’t like this at all, the Irish trad scene is most likely not for you. Here’s hoping the band might make another album because I’d love to hear more 🙂


Caladh Nua on the Web:

NOTE: there seems to be no official home page other than the Facebook page. There is no Bandcamp site and on Apple Music only Free And Easy is available, whilst Spotify carries the four albums.

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