Artist Intro: Calum Stewart

Calum Stewart (SCO) is a piper and flautist with two albums album to date but a thick stack of collaborations, both recordings and performances, with other musicians.

Having listened to the recordings and witnessed Calum live, I can testify he is a shining virtuoso in his field. Not only is he technically amazing, his deep sense of music and the intense way his expresses himself through it on stage are stunning. He deservedly received the Scots Trad Instrumentalist of the Year in the 2018 AG Awards. Even when playing within the trad paradigm, he brings in something unique and fresh and personal.

The Tales From The North album (2017) is a gorgeous showcase for his talent and I also have particular soft spot for Wooden Flute and Fiddle (2012), a collaboration with fiddler Lauren MacColl; true to its title, the album is a wonderful exercise in ”less is more”.

I have greatly enjoyed all of his recordings that I’ve heard; unfortunately, some of them are now currently hard or practically impossible to find in any format. Here’s hoping his recorded output will be easier to hear in the future, in particular the excellent collaboration with Heikki Bourgault, Hunter’s Moon, a jewel of an album.


Calum Stewart on the Web:

Home Page
Spotify – the search result page lists also collaborative recordings
iTunes / Apple Music

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