Artist Intro: Cara Dillon

Cara Dillon (IRE) is a popular Irish modern folk singer and songwriter. She is both critically acclaimed and commercially succesful, and with good reason: her voice is angelic – tender and fragile but full of strong presence. At the core of her material are traditional Irish songs, with new arrangements by herself and her husband and collaborator Sam Lakeman. Her original songs enrich the repertoire.

Her style is subdued; some combination of piano, acoustic guitar, fiddle and double bass are the usual accompanying instruments; the music gracefully “breathes” with full silences and pauses between phrases and verses. On some songs (e.g. “Falling Like A Star” on Sweet Liberty) one can detect shades of early Kate Bush who herself was influenced by Irish music. There are also songs backed by a full band but these are less frequent.

Her mainstream success is admirable considering her low key style to which she has kept consistently and not fallen to the temptations of a more lush radio friendly pop sound. This goes also to her latest album, Wanderer (2017), a benchmark in sparse acoustic arrangement in very effective use. And even her Christmas album is actually very good indeed – a noteworthy achievement in itself 😉

Cara Dillon on the Web:

Home Page
iTunes / Apple Music

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