Artist Intro: The Changing Room

The Changing Room (ENG) are a very good folk band from Cornwall.

Their sound and style is interesting and slyly original; I can’t find a matching comparison, at least right off the bat. It’s neither starry-eyed hippie old school English folk nor singer-songwriter balladeering or party hardy foot stompin’ stuff. They tend to have a nicely understated but enticing, natural groove under the sometimes uplifting, sometimes brooding melodies and stories – as a drummer myself, I find that very nice and interesting. Their web site informs us that they like to have guest musicians appearing on the records and on stage with them – the guest artists list is pretty awesome by now – and that may explain something: with all that talent dropping by and playing with you, you probably get lots of ideas and influences.

Note that some of their lyrics are in Cornish, an ancient language one rarely hears anywhere, so it’s a treat in that sense as well 🙂


The Changing Room on the Web:

Home Page
iTunes / Apple Music

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