Artist Intro: Claire Mann

Claire Mann (ENG/SCO) is quite a stunning musician, masterful in both fiddle and flute, both of which she also teaches.

She’s English by birth, has lived in Scotland for a long time and has been awarded in Ireland for her excellence in the traditional Irish flute – very few musicians work so naturally and at such a high level within the almost entire trad scene of the British Isles.

Her music is usually within or close to Irish trad style and her effortless playing comes across as fresh, clear and uncluttered in duos and small groups. It’s my “summer music”, with a nice gentle breeze and lots of natural light 🙂

Her two solo albums (one actually a duo affair with guitarist Aaron Jones) feature fine trad with nuanced and tasteful arrangements. She’s been involved in many collaborations with other artists, most notably several years ago in Tabache with Aidan O’Rourke and more recently with the German Celtic band Cara‘s leader Gudrun Walther in the 2Duos and Litha projects that have also yielded fine and bright albums in Cara’s folk & trad style.


Claire Mann on the Web:

Home Page
iTunes / Apple Music

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