Artist Intro: Dallahan

Dallahan (IRE-SCO) are a wonderfully boundless and uplifting folk band who pick up their main cues from Celtic music but expand and reach into the wide spectrum of European-based music, from Eastern and Central Europe to North America. Their home page quotes reviews that mention “a world music festival in one group” and characterize them as “genre- defying”. I couldn’t agree more.

There are so many reasons to like Dallahan. They may disregard genres but they also have a strong band sound and identity that keeps things nicely together and cohesive even when consecutive songs on an album hop from Scotland to America to Hungary in style. And their playing is admirably tight and commanding , with the faster tunes coming with an irresistible groove and great detail and the ballads surehanded and expressive.

Dallahan’s Celtic-based but multicultural agenda is refreshing and fun and also a great showcase for the very fine players.


Dallahan on the Web:

Home Page


iTunes / Apple Music


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