Artist Intro: Danú

Danú (IRE) are an Irish trad band that has performed and recorded for over 20 years already, always maintaining a constantly high quality. They have received several awards over the years and belong in the very top group of modern Irish trad bands along with Altan, Dervish and Lúnasa.

Although Danú’s lineup has seen changes during the band’s long career, their basic sound has remained pretty constant. They remain well within the Irish trad paradigm but present perhaps a bit more robust sound than many of their colleagues. At the same time they are fully capable of the wonderfully light, butterfly-like swirls and airy ornamentations of the flute and fiddle, signature marks of the Irish tradition. The playing is impeccable, the feeling always fresh and all the vocalists who have appeared in their lineups have been excellent.

The later Danú albums of the 2010’s have marked a slight shift towards a more song-oriented style, sometimes reminiscent of Scotland’s Breabach. It’s not a complete change of course but rather an expansion that gives a bit more variety to the music and proves the band is very much alive and evolving after all this time.


Danú on the Web:

Home Page
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