Artist Intro: De Temps Antan

De Temps Antan (CAN) are an energetic, rootsy and very skilled trio from Quebec. All three players had respectable careers in traditional Québécois music before joining forces to form De Temps Antan over 10 years ago, so the trio was set to go from the very beginning.

Their so far four albums, released between 2007 and 2017, feature a very rootsy, foot-stompin’ offering of Quebec’s traditional music. The region’s musical roots reach naturally to France but the Irish and Scottish genes can be heard as well – no pipes, though, but instead harmonica; this is, after all, North American music.

The beat is usually heavily pronounced and extremely dancable, even more so than in traditional Celtic music, and often accentuated with percussion. The band’s toolbox includes several instruments so the trio format does not in this case mean a limited sound; there’s nice variety in their overall output.

De Temps Antan are very much one of the premier performers of their region’s music and are warmly recommended to anyone interested in Europe’s northwestern trad music tree’s American branches.


De Temps Antan on the Web:

Home Page

Bandcamp – by buying artists’ music and merch on Bandcamp, you support them directly


iTunes / Apple Music


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