Artist Intro: Déanta

Déanta (IRE) were, and presumably are again, after a very long break, a forceful Irish and Celtic trad band. Of their three albums, released between 1993 and 1996, only the two latter ones seem to be available through the usual channels while the debut can be found as a used cd or a pricey rarity on Amazon and other web stores.

The Déanta albums are completely top notch and overall excellent, marking the band as “the big one that got away” of Celtic folk – I think so, anyway. With this quality, it would have been grand to hear so much more of their music but this limited output is what we have to do with.

The Déanta sound is notably earthy and some degrees more sturdy than the usual, quite feathery Irish trad sound. There’s a vague medieval/Renaissance feel to it I can’t quite explain – maybe it’s just me, but the feeling I get is less a jam session group in a music pub than a travelling troupe of musicians on the road, in a horse and cart age, that is. In my ears, the superbly played music has a narrative quality, enhanced by Mary Dillon’s (Cara Dillon’s sister) expressive vocals.

However it may be and whatever you hear in it, Déanta’s very brief recorded career remains a jewel in my books, a collection of music any Irish and Celtic music fan should check out.

Déanta on the Web:

iTunes / Apple Music

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