Artist Intro: Anxo Lorenzo

Anxo live at Celtic Connections 2019, photo by the writer

Anxo Lorenzo (SPA) is a virtuoso piper and flutist from Galicia in northwestern Spain. His music is a dazzling combination of his home region’s ancient Celtic roots, the music of the northern Celtic folk music tradition and various modern and trad influences from around the world.

Technically, Anxo is a musician par excellence, with amazing command of his chosen instruments. His recorded output combines his own compositions and traditional tunes, with arrangements that go from small scale acoustic to hi energy electric band modes.

The albums and EP’s are extremely entertaining, varied and feature playing that’s, frankly, spectacular. However, Anxo live is even more of a blast; with his trademark baseball hat, decorated black and white bagpipe and endless positive vibes, he gets an extra charge out of the music on stage.

He has recorded and performed with a number of major musicians in the current Celtic folk scene and has received several awards and accolades and he will, presumably at least, continue to create music that is not only exhilarating but also a living reminder of the close connections of European cultures and peoples.

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