Artist Intro: Face The West

Kuvan mahdollinen sisältö: 2 henkilöä, ihmisiä lavalla ja ihmiset soittavat soittimia
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Face The West (SCO) are a band from Stornoway, Isle of Lewis. They re-created Celtic folk rock in the 2000’s and early 2010’s and made, after a several years’ pause, a joyful comeback to performing in the summer of 2019.

Their musical style combines traditional Scottish folk, a strong rock pulse combining acoustic and electric instruments, and shades of electrica with synths and loops. A live band par excellence, the charge they put out in their performances is mighty and much partying and jumping are to be expected, as I can personally testify!

Their recorded output covers three studio albums from 2000 to 2013 and the compilation album The Tunes. The albums transmit some of their live power and make for a great listening especially when you need some lift and something to make you smile and jump around a bit, but there are also some beautiful tunes woven into the mix as well. Stuff for good times 🙂


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