Artist Intro: Fara

Fara are an Orkney quartet of three fiddles and a piano. Originally an all female lineup changed in 2019 when pianist Jennifer Austin left and was replaced by Rory Matheson.

Fara’s music includes both trad and original pieces, instrumentals and songs, and ranges from uptempo dance tunes to very delicate mood pieces, always brilliantly played.

They are a delightful live act that not only shines musically but comes with fun stories and great stage presence; in just a few years and two albums Fara have risen quickly to the top tier of the Scottish folk scene and gained also international recognition.

Their second album, Times From Times Fall, reflects a growing ambition with its beautiful musical arrangements of poems by various Orkney writers and promises many amazing things yet to come.

A note about streaming music: there are other artists called Fara, so it can be confusing to spot the real thing on Spotify and Apple since this and the other Faras are falsely grouped together as one artist 😠.

I recommend the band’s home page for their recordings – also for buying them! – but here are the links to streaming:

Spotify, Apple Music

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