Artist Intro: Fiddlers’ Bid

Fiddlers’ Bid are a multiple award-winning fiddle band from Shetland. Formed in 1991, their launch preceded the other successful “fiddle attack” groups like Blazin’ Fiddles and Finland’s Frigg by almost a decade. The fiddles in the band are supported and the sound enriched not only by the customary guitar and piano but also by harp and electric bass.

FB members Catriona McKay (harp) and Chris Stout (fiddle) are notable musicians as solo artists and frequent collaborators in the current Scottish folk scene.

Fiddlers’ Bid’s recorded output consists of four albums that feature mostly trad tunes but some originals as well. The expanded lineup brings nice new shades to the tunes and even the electric bass, usually a very non-essential instrument in this style of music, plays an important role in the aural texture. Compared to Blazin’ Fiddles, their most obvious counterpart, the Fiddlers’ Bid approach is a bit more restrained and at times reaches toward “Celtic chamber music”, if only fleetingly.

An added bonus in the stew is their use of the Shetland dialect in song titles.

The band has released no new albums since 2009 but has played live sporadically and retains an online presence.


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