Artist Intro: Fiona J. Mackenzie

Fiona J. Mackenzie photo at wikipedia

Fiona J. Mackenzie is a Gaelic singer who has advanced not only Gaelic music but Gaelic culture and art in general. Her recorded output features a fine serving of Gaelic songs and singing, updated but not too modernized for our time.

I have not been able to find her first two albums Astair (2000) and Seinn o ho ro Seinn (2003) but the four that came later are completely charming and enjoyable works of contemporary Gaelic folk.

Òrain nan Rosach (2006) is an intimate, at times a cappella, collection of tunes from Ross-shire; Deagh dheis aodaich / A Good Suit of Clothes (2009) features a bigger band and is themed around the Gaelic diaspora, and Archipelago (2012) adds electric instruments, more expansive arrangements and some songs in English. The Christmas album Duan Nollaig (2007) is a regular in our home at holiday season 🙂

Her catalogue may not offer anything particularly surprising but her singing is truly touching and the songs are done with lots of style and elegance and honesty. One wishes the beauty and sheer emotional charge evident on Good Suit and the excellent production and varied songs on Archipelago would find a bigger audience – it’s all very good music on very good albums. You’ll find them on streaming services but please do visit her site where those albums are also available.

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