Artist Intro: Flook

Photo by Naoki Fujioka, from the Flook web site

Since you’re reading this, you’re almost certainly already more or less familiar with Flook, so I feel kind of foolish writing this. But in the unlikely but theoretically possible event you’ve never heard of them…

Flook are an Irish-British contemporary folk band founded in 1995. The lead instrument is the flute, played by Brian Finnegan and Sarah Allen. The original lineup also included Michael McGoldrick on the the flute but he left the band for other projects fairly soon after Flook’s launch. Ed Boyd on guitar and John Joe Kelly on the bodhran complete the band.

The trademark Flook sound is extremely lively, dominated by the stunning quicksilver flutes and tin whistles of Finnegan and Allen. John Joe Kelly, the high master of the bodhran, is just as amazing with his instrument, and Ed Boyd keeps it all together with his guitar.

But Flook are not about technical skill, although all four have more than enough of it to spare. The compositions are always interesting and reach beyond Irish and English traditional styles. And between the four of them, they create a marvelous fabric of sound, at times supercharged and dense, at others calm and airy.

Flook took a lengthy hiatus in 2008 but returned to occasional gigs a few years later. They returned in full with new material, a new album (Ancora) and a tour in 2019 to ecstatic and truly deserved reviews. This blog hopes to hear more in the future and warmly recommends that anyone who has not made Flook’s acquaintance yet will do so asap.

The band’s web site is where you can also purchase their albums + other stuff 🙂

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