About me and this site

I am not a professional critic or a musician, just a fan of Celtic (meaning Scottish, Irish, Breton, Manx, Galician etc) and British folk/trad music in both their “original form” – fiddles and flutes and pipes and accordions and such – and their modern variations and descendants, even including Celtic Rock and Celtic Electro.

I created this site to share my love of this music, perhaps in particular to people who are newcomers in the genre, just starting to really get into it. When I fell in love with Irish and Scottish trad music a few years ago, there was no “starter kit” for the new fan who wanted to explore this musical universe. Spotify and Apple Music and Facebook helped with their “similar artists” functions, but it did take a while to get the big picture.

I live in Finland but follow the Celtic and British trad scenes pretty closely. I play the bodhran a bit myself and own two Irish tin whistles I sometimes quietly try to play (with little success so far – the flute and pipe players in this genre have all my respect). All the artist listings and reviews on this site are purely subjective.

My focus is on currently active artists; I will probably write articles on the earlier giants and icons of the genre (e.g. Chieftains, Dubliners, Boys Of The Lough, Planxty…) at some point, but out of sheer reverence I’ll save that challenge for later.

Also note: if there is music or artists I don’t like in this genre, I will not waste my or anyone else’s time by telling the world I don’t like them; I’ll rather hold my peace. During my life, many professional critics have slaughtered certain bands I enjoy and admire in various musical genres, and the only thing those critics have given me is a passing feeling of discomfort and irritation, nothing more. I don’t want to do that to others who may well enjoy music I personally don’t care for. To each their own, I say 🙂

And finally, I humbly wish I can be at least entertaining to the more experienced Celtic and British trad music lovers who may find their way here – and with a little luck, I may offer something new and joyful to them as well.

If you wish to contact me with site content suggestions or questions, please email me at celtbritfolkfan (at) gmail dot com. Thanks!

Slàinte! Cheers!