Album Review / Andrew Waite: Tyde

Let me just say that I find Simon Thoumire's excellent Hands Up For Trad website and his Foot Stompin' podcast most valuable sources for a fanboy like me to spot new and exciting music. It was on one of the more recents podcasts I came across the name of Andrew Waite. Didn't ring no bells … Continue reading Album Review / Andrew Waite: Tyde

“The force of intuition and playing just one note forever”: my interview with Adam Sutherland

Last autumn, when I was only planning this web site, I found myself playing fiddler/composer/teacher Adam Sutherland's solo albums over and over and enthusing about them even to my prog rock loving son (who nodded approvingly). The personality that came through the music was so positive I picked up my courage and sent Adam a … Continue reading “The force of intuition and playing just one note forever”: my interview with Adam Sutherland

Retro Review / Alasdair Fraser: Dawn Dance (1995)

When I began to get interested in Celtic trad and folk, I might have stayed a longer time in the doorstep, peeking curiously in but not really entering the house had it not been for two artists: Capercaillie and Alasdair Fraser. Capercaillie's Celtic crossover was a virtual key to this music to someone who adores … Continue reading Retro Review / Alasdair Fraser: Dawn Dance (1995)

Retro Review / Ailie Robertson: Traditional Spirits (2016)

Ah, the Celtic Harp... Such a fragile sounding instrument; looks great but can you really use it as the central piece in a band context? Yes, you can. If you're Ailie Robertson, that is. Traditional Spirits is a great album for various reasons and I just mentioned one of them: the harp takes many roles here … Continue reading Retro Review / Ailie Robertson: Traditional Spirits (2016)

Artist Intro: Beoga

Beoga (IRE) are a very eclectic folk band, an utterly charming and delightful group. Their music is usually grounded in Irish folk but spiced with whatever seems to suit their fancy at the moment; Americana, jazz and oldtime seem to pop up the most. The not too serious album titles reflect this (e.g. "How To … Continue reading Artist Intro: Beoga

Artist Intro: Alan Stivell

Alan Stivell (FRA) is a multi-instrumentalist and composer from Brittany, France. He has had a very long career that started in the late 1960's and continues to this day. Stivell's main instrument is the Celtic harp for which he is known, even he is fluent in various instruments as well, pipes included. When he brought … Continue reading Artist Intro: Alan Stivell

Artist Intro: Allison Kinnaird

Allison Kinnaird (SCO) is, according to Wikipedia, "M.B.E, is a glass sculptor, Celtic musician, teacher and writer" - whew! Her contribution to recorded Celtic folk music is very notable, as she made her first Celtic harp album, The Harp Key, already back in 1978. Between that album and the last one, The Silver String (2004), she made a few … Continue reading Artist Intro: Allison Kinnaird