Retro Review / Brian Finnegan: The Ravishing Genius of Bones (2010)

I remember the three distinct occasions that made me fall in love with Irish and Scottish music, especially the music of our time that flows from those countries. First was Solas, then my discovery of Capercaillie, and then this, flute and white player and composer Brian Finnegan's first and so far only solo album. All … Continue reading Retro Review / Brian Finnegan: The Ravishing Genius of Bones (2010)

Artist Intro: Buille

Buille (IRE) are a very interesting Irish band who, on their Facebook page, write "not quite sure!" as their style. I would call it, very loosely, Jazzy Celtic and not the other way around. The groundwork is distinctly Irish music but it comes with a strong jazz twist - very nice indeed! They have released … Continue reading Artist Intro: Buille

Artist Intro: Bua

Bua (USA) are an American folk band specializing in Irish trad and doing it 110 % successfully. The band members have strong Irish heritage and are each individually recognized and awarded musicians and educators both in the USA and Ireland. Bua play Irish tradional music like a freely running stream: effortlessly and naturally, with some … Continue reading Artist Intro: Bua

Artist Intro: Breabach

Breabach (SCO) are one of the bands in the very frontline of the younger generation of Scottish acoustic folk, taking this music bright and alive into the 21st century without making any revolutionary changes in the core format. Each of the band's musicians is individually recognized for their talents and much used in other musicians' … Continue reading Artist Intro: Breabach

Artist Intro: The Bothy Band

The Bothy Band (IRE) were a groundbreaking, legendary Irish band, active between 1974-1978. Along with other contemporary trad groups like Planxty and also trad-influenced Irish rock bands of the time such as Horslips, The Bothy Band played a crucial role in updating traditional Irish music and making it alive and inspiring for a new generation … Continue reading Artist Intro: The Bothy Band

Artist Intro: Boreas

Boreas (NOR-SCO) are a Norwegian-Scottish all-female folk band, with the band members (Lori Watson, Britt Pernille Frøholm, Irene Tillung and Rachel Newton) all well acknowledged in their field. I have absolutely no idea whether Boreas is meant to be a stable band or more of a "now and then" project, but their so far only … Continue reading Artist Intro: Boreas

Artist Intro: Bodega

Bodega (SCO) were a Scottish folk group active between 2005-2011. They had a regrettably short recording career with only two albums (Bodega and Under The Counter) of vibrant, stylistically elastic folk, with the Celtic center picking up extensions and ideas from a number of genres. Talented, fun and uplifting, it was too bad the members … Continue reading Artist Intro: Bodega

Artist Intro: Blazin’ Fiddles

Blazin' Fiddles (SCO) are an iconic Northern Scottish fiddle band with several albums and tours and loads of fans all over the world. Quite a few Scottish top fiddlers like Aidan O'Rourke, Duncan Chisholm and Iain MacFarlane have played with BF in the past and the current lineup is pure dynamite too. The past members … Continue reading Artist Intro: Blazin’ Fiddles

Artist Intro: Beinn Lee

Beinn Lee (SCO) have just one - that's one as in (1), folks - album out but I decided to have them listed here anyway, because the album, Osgarra, is just fab in my ears (and my wife's, so there).They are a young and very much upcoming band from Uist in the Outer Hebrides, playing … Continue reading Artist Intro: Beinn Lee

Artist Intro: Barrule

Barrule (MAN) are a fully acoustic trio from the Isle of Man. They come with a unique, stupendously big, fat sound - how do they do it with that lineup? - and simply great material, most of it sung in the island's original language, Manx. I love their strong groove and the amazing sound they … Continue reading Artist Intro: Barrule