Album Review / Colm Mac Con Iomaire: The River Holds Its Breath – Tost ar an Abhainn

Colm Mac Con Iomaire's new album is a natural link in the chain of his previous works: very calm and soothing music, this time with strings in the forefront. One might argue if this blog is the right place to review music whose Irish or Celtic roots are well in the background, hardly noticeable, but … Continue reading Album Review / Colm Mac Con Iomaire: The River Holds Its Breath – Tost ar an Abhainn

Album Review / Claire Hastings: Those Who Roam

Let's be honest about it: traditional songs from the Celtic and Nordic area tend to be... well, not all that complicated, musically. At least we who live in these areas and are familiar with their musical grammar can learn to hum or sing these tunes pretty quickly. So when artists take on this tradition and … Continue reading Album Review / Claire Hastings: Those Who Roam

Artist Intro: Cliar

Cliar (SCO) were a top notch Highlands trad group that was active in the early 2000's and made three remarkable albums. Sometimes a folk music artist or band comes up with a whole new take on the existing paradigm and creates a whole new branch on an old tree. But sometimes an artist or a … Continue reading Artist Intro: Cliar

Artist Intro: Cúig

Cúig (IRE) are a modern trad band of five fairly young guys who already have two very good albums under their belt. They have a sturdy drums & bass rhythm section on top of which the vocals and the traditional instruments operate, so they’re a bit of a hybrid, like Skerryvore in that band's more … Continue reading Artist Intro: Cúig

Artist Intro: Colm Mac Con Iomaire

Colm Mac Con Iomaire (IRE) is a widely recognized and acknowleged composer and fiddler whose work extends from the studio to the stage to the silver screen. He is also a member of the Dublin rock band The Frames. I find his his solo outings most enjoyable as they are adventurous and imaginative and brilliantly … Continue reading Artist Intro: Colm Mac Con Iomaire

Artist Intro: Connla

Connla (IRE) are a fairly young and very talented Irish band who occupy a niche between excellently played Irish trad and a folk and even singer-songwriter style. They have a pretty robust sound for an Irish outfit, really going at it in the faster tunes. This gives them an identity that's nicely a bit different … Continue reading Artist Intro: Connla

Artist Intro: Catherine-Ann MacPhee

Catherin Ann-MacPhee (SCO) is an actress and singer whose four studio albums (between 1987 and 2004) and one live album make up a remarkable treasure chest of genuine Gaelic song, arranged and recorded in a way that makes the songs truly shine. Born and raised in the Isle of Barra, with Scottish Gaelic as her … Continue reading Artist Intro: Catherine-Ann MacPhee