Artist Intro: Duncan Chisholm

I'll be honest about it: the music of Duncan Chisholm (SCO) was one of my keys to the realm of Celtic folk and trad when I first got excited about this stuff . So I'll try to avoid the trap of hero worship in these next lines 😉 Duncan's background and education in the Scottish … Continue reading Artist Intro: Duncan Chisholm

Artist Intro: Dervish

Dervish (IRE) are one of the iconic contemporary Irish trad bands, along with Altan, LĂșnasa and DanĂș. Formed in an early lineup in 1989 and fronted by vocalist Cathy Jordan and her unique voice since 1991, Dervish have established themselves by their longevity, expert musicianship and a sound and feel very much their own. Stylewise, … Continue reading Artist Intro: Dervish

Artist Intro: DĂ©anta

DĂ©anta (IRE) were, and presumably are again, after a very long break, a forceful Irish and Celtic trad band. Of their three albums, released between 1993 and 1996, only the two latter ones seem to be available through the usual channels while the debut can be found as a used cd or a pricey rarity … Continue reading Artist Intro: DĂ©anta

Artist Intro: Deaf Shepherd

Deaf Shepherd (SCO) are a Scottish Trad band who made three excellent albums between 1996 and 2001. They are still functioning and recently performed at Celtic Connections 2019 but have not, to my knowledge at least, recorded in almost 20 years.They are one of my favorites as they embody a full-blooded Highlands style full of … Continue reading Artist Intro: Deaf Shepherd

Artist Intro: De Temps Antan

De Temps Antan (CAN) are an energetic, rootsy and very skilled trio from Quebec. All three players had respectable careers in traditional QuĂ©bĂ©cois music before joining forces to form De Temps Antan over 10 years ago, so the trio was set to go from the very beginning. Their so far four albums, released between 2007 … Continue reading Artist Intro: De Temps Antan

Artist Intro: DanĂș

DanĂș (IRE) are an Irish trad band that has performed and recorded for over 20 years already, always maintaining a constantly high quality. They have received several awards over the years and belong in the very top group of modern Irish trad bands along with Altan, Dervish and LĂșnasa. Although DanĂș's lineup has seen changes … Continue reading Artist Intro: DanĂș

Artist Intro: Dallahan

Dallahan (IRE-SCO) are a wonderfully boundless and uplifting folk band who pick up their main cues from Celtic music but expand and reach into the wide spectrum of European-based music, from Eastern and Central Europe to North America. Their home page quotes reviews that mention "a world music festival in one group" and characterize them … Continue reading Artist Intro: Dallahan

Artist Intro: Dalla

Dalla (COR) were a colorful and creative folk band from Cornwall. They were active from the late 1990's to 2017; during that time they revived music performed in the Cornish language and gave a significant overall boost to the region's folk music activity. The five Dalla albums, released between 2001 and 2013, showcase a band … Continue reading Artist Intro: Dalla

Album Review / Dowally: Somewhere

I had the pleasure to see the Edinburgh-based trio's 20-minute very solid show at this year's Celtic Connections' Danny Kyle Open Stage. The show sent them to the Open Stage finalists and, consequently, to appear as support to a major artist in CC2020. And I just like this soooo much... The band's website says that … Continue reading Album Review / Dowally: Somewhere