Album Review / Duncal Lyall: Milestone

As friends of contemporary Scottish music scene know, Duncan Lyall is one of the busiest people working in that field as a musician, composer, producer and whatnot. A multi-talent who, perhaps because of covid, has released only his second solo outing. His previous album, Infinite Reflections, was released in 2013 and it was essentially a … Continue reading Album Review / Duncal Lyall: Milestone

Artist Intro: Duncan Chisholm

I'll be honest about it: the music of Duncan Chisholm (SCO) was one of my keys to the realm of Celtic folk and trad when I first got excited about this stuff . So I'll try to avoid the trap of hero worship in these next lines 😉 Duncan's background and education in the Scottish … Continue reading Artist Intro: Duncan Chisholm

Album Review / Dowally: Somewhere

I had the pleasure to see the Edinburgh-based trio's 20-minute very solid show at this year's Celtic Connections' Danny Kyle Open Stage. The show sent them to the Open Stage finalists and, consequently, to appear as support to a major artist in CC2020. And I just like this soooo much... The band's website says that … Continue reading Album Review / Dowally: Somewhere