Artist Intro: Emily Portman

Emily Portman (ENG) is, with the likes of Kate Rusby, Ange Hardy and Jackie Oates, in the top tier of contemporary British female folk singers/musicians who each stamp their own unique mark on the music. Her so far three solo albums document the art of a singular talent who marks her own boundaries in this … Continue reading Artist Intro: Emily Portman

Artist Intro: Eliza Carthy

Eliza Carthy (ENG) is a many-faceted, highly acknowledged (she's an MBE) and awarded folk singer and musician who has distinguished herself by her adventurous takes on British trad material. She has performed and recorded as a solo artis and in collaboration with other artists (including her folk musician parents Martin Carthy and Norma Waterson) and … Continue reading Artist Intro: Eliza Carthy

Artist Intro: Emily Smith

(photo: Emily Smith (SCO) is a popular folk singer and musician whose acclaimed career thus far forms an arc from the earlier albums featuring trad/folk songs and songs by Robert Burns, often sung in Scots, to her current, very Americana-influenced style. She has a degree from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and was BBC … Continue reading Artist Intro: Emily Smith

Artist Intro: Elephant Sessions

Elephant Sessions (SCO) are an instrumental Celtic folk/funk/jazz fusion band, formed in 2012 in the Highlands. Their musical mix may seem unlikely but it has propelled the band to become, in a fairly short time, one of the most succesful recording and performing acts in the contemporary Celtic folk scene. The band’s instrumental lineup consists … Continue reading Artist Intro: Elephant Sessions

Album Review / The Elephant Sessions: What Makes You

The third album from the premier merchants of Celtic Funk continues the band's admirable evolution. From the more Trad-rooted debut The Elusive Highland Beauty to the tight'n'snappy funk of All We Have Is Now, the road has now led to a cooler approach where the funk is very controlled, less is more and electronics and … Continue reading Album Review / The Elephant Sessions: What Makes You

Artist Intro: The East Pointers

The East Pointers (CAN) are a powerful and highly skilled acoustic trio with Tim Chaisson, Koady Chaisson and Jake Charron. They have quickly risen to the top of "Canadian Celtic", folk music with Scottish and Irish roots, typical of Canada's Eastern seaboard where migrants - voluntary or otherwise - from those regions landed in the … Continue reading Artist Intro: The East Pointers

Album Review / Eabhal: This Is How The Ladies Dance

I noticed Eabhal back in 2016 when I happened to hear their debut EP. It was a solid showing of potential in the field of Scottish trad, far from a beginner's first unsteady efforts. It took a while for a full album to appear but here it is, and well worth checking out. A casual … Continue reading Album Review / Eabhal: This Is How The Ladies Dance