Album Review / Jarlath Henderson: Raw

I have to admit piper-composer and occasional singer Jarlath Henderson's previous solo album from a few years ago, Hearts Broken, Heads Turned, was not my favorite. The electronics layer in the music was a bit overpowering for my taste and the music stayed at an arm's lenght from me. He is such a brilliant musician … Continue reading Album Review / Jarlath Henderson: Raw

Quick Take Album Review / Jim Moray: The Outlander

The brilliant Jim Moray has injected fresh blood and ideas into English folk for over a decade now, but his new album The Outlander is a deliberate excursion to a batch of Ye Olde Songs - even the ancient John Barleycorn makes an appearance - with acoustic arrangements that are mostly fairly old school but … Continue reading Quick Take Album Review / Jim Moray: The Outlander