Welcome to a work in progress…!

You are most welcome to my Celtic and British folk and trad music fan site - so glad you found it! I'm building this site to be a gateway to a wonderful musical universe, especially to those who are now getting interested in it and want to discover the people and the bands in this … Continue reading Welcome to a work in progress…!

Xmas Album Review / The Outside Track: The Christmas Star

Confession: I have nothing against Christmas music - when the music is not godawful, that is. I’m actually quite a Xmas-friendly guy, so any seasonal album that carries the honest spirit and is musically decent is ok with me. And then there are the *really* good modern Xmas albums, most of them by women: Aimee … Continue reading Xmas Album Review / The Outside Track: The Christmas Star

Quick Take Album Review / Crawford, Farrell, Doocey: Music And Mischief

Just a quick a very and non-analytical note on an album. Music & Mischief by the excellent Irish musicians Kevin Crawford, Colin Farrell and Patrick Doocey is brim full of the most delightful and spirited trad I have heard in a while! There’s no attempt to upgrade or modernize the material in any notable way … Continue reading Quick Take Album Review / Crawford, Farrell, Doocey: Music And Mischief

Better-late-than-never Reviews 2×2: Grey & Peach, Macfarlane & Henderson

2x2 = two albums, both with two musicians and lots of the deceptively simple beauty I love in this music. I wasn’t properly awake when these were released earlier this year but, again, better late… The mesmerizing Air Iomall (On the Edge) by Charlie Grey & Joseph Peach is paired with a film of the … Continue reading Better-late-than-never Reviews 2×2: Grey & Peach, Macfarlane & Henderson

Artist Intro: Face The West

Photo from facebook.com/facethewestband/photos Face The West (SCO) are a band from Stornoway, Isle of Lewis. They re-created Celtic folk rock in the 2000's and early 2010's and made, after a several years' pause, a joyful comeback to performing in the summer of 2019. Their musical style combines traditional Scottish folk, a strong rock pulse combining … Continue reading Artist Intro: Face The West

Album Review / Jarlath Henderson: Raw

I have to admit piper-composer and occasional singer Jarlath Henderson's previous solo album from a few years ago, Hearts Broken, Heads Turned, was not my favorite. The electronics layer in the music was a bit overpowering for my taste and the music stayed at an arm's lenght from me. He is such a brilliant musician … Continue reading Album Review / Jarlath Henderson: Raw

Artist Intro: Emily Portman

Emily Portman (ENG) is, with the likes of Kate Rusby, Ange Hardy and Jackie Oates, in the top tier of contemporary British female folk singers/musicians who each stamp their own unique mark on the music. Her so far three solo albums document the art of a singular talent who marks her own boundaries in this … Continue reading Artist Intro: Emily Portman

Artist Intro: Eliza Carthy

Eliza Carthy (ENG) is a many-faceted, highly acknowledged (she's an MBE) and awarded folk singer and musician who has distinguished herself by her adventurous takes on British trad material. She has performed and recorded as a solo artis and in collaboration with other artists (including her folk musician parents Martin Carthy and Norma Waterson) and … Continue reading Artist Intro: Eliza Carthy