Album Review / Lauren MacColl: Landskein

A long time ago, in a land far, far away... That's how it feels when I remember a day this past winter, just over half a year ago. Me and my wife were in Glasgow for our second Celtic Connections and we had managed to get tickets to Lauren MacColl's solo recital at the City … Continue reading Album Review / Lauren MacColl: Landskein

A better-late-than-never review / Lúnasa: CAS

Somehow I let this slip by last year... I started this blog early this year and, admitted, was not systematically and obsessively checking out new releases before that. So it seems in those days even a release from a very major band like Lúnasa could sneak behind me without li’l ol’ me noticing anything - … Continue reading A better-late-than-never review / Lúnasa: CAS