A new start to the new start

At the beginning of this year, I wrote a blog post explaining some of the issues that had kept me from updating this blog, I promised myself and whoever happens to read this blog that I would reboot myself and get back on the saddle. Well, then some work issues happend - not bad ones … Continue reading A new start to the new start

Album Review / Bèolach: All Hands

As a non-professional music blogger, I sometimes simply miss a new release and notice it only after some time has passed. So it was with this one; All Hands was released in late 2019 but I got up to speed with it only a couple of weeks ago. Thankfully, my tardiness takes nothing away from … Continue reading Album Review / Bèolach: All Hands


Welcome to a work in progress…!

NOTE: This is a May 16, 2021, edit to this welcome text.You are most welcome to my Celtic and British folk and trad music fan site - so glad you found it! This site is essentially a blog that features album reviews and some very occasional artist interviews. I also try to write a more … Continue reading Welcome to a work in progress…!