Celtic Connections 2023: Dreamers’ Circus, with Frigg and the Kinnaris Quintet

It was essentially a Nordic - or Northern - night at the RCH main hall on Saturday night, Feb 4. With Denmark and Sweden represented in Dreamers’ Circus and Finland in the shape of Frigg, Scotland’s own Kinnaris Quintet fitted in nicely as another member of the Nordic family - premonition of times to come, … Continue reading Celtic Connections 2023: Dreamers’ Circus, with Frigg and the Kinnaris Quintet

Listening diary for May 23-29, 2022

If anything here seems interesting, go to your streaming service and try it out. And if you really, really like it, go to the artist’s web site or Bandcamp or iTunes or Google Play or Amazon or wherever and buy it in your preferred format - musicians need food too 😉 The Halton Quartet: Based … Continue reading Listening diary for May 23-29, 2022

Album Review / Duncan Lyall: Milestone

As friends of contemporary Scottish music scene know, Duncan Lyall is one of the busiest people working in that field as a musician, composer, producer and whatnot. A multi-talent who, perhaps because of covid, has released only his second solo outing. His previous album, Infinite Reflections, was released in 2013 and it was essentially a … Continue reading Album Review / Duncan Lyall: Milestone

Album Review / Dowally: Somewhere

I had the pleasure to see the Edinburgh-based trio's 20-minute very solid show at this year's Celtic Connections' Danny Kyle Open Stage. The show sent them to the Open Stage finalists and, consequently, to appear as support to a major artist in CC2020. And I just like this soooo much... The band's website says that … Continue reading Album Review / Dowally: Somewhere