Album Review / Brian Ó hEadhra and Fionnag NicChoinnich: Càirdeas

The fabulous Brian Ó hEadhra and Fiona Mackenzie last appeared on my radar with the stunning TUATH: Songs of the Northlands, the follow-up to TÌR: Highland Life & Lore. Both albums were were bold and powerful, laced with imaginative use of electronica and the digital world in general, energizing the old traditions mightily. Brian and … Continue reading Album Review / Brian Ó hEadhra and Fionnag NicChoinnich: Càirdeas

Album Review / Ringlefinch: Tall Tales

England’s Ringlefinch have been around for several years before the release of this, their first album, this summer. And it shows: Tall Tales does not feel and sound like a debutante’s performance. It is a solid, excellently executed showcase by a band capable of both irrerestible grooves and introspective mood pieces. I have noticed some … Continue reading Album Review / Ringlefinch: Tall Tales

Album Review / Honey and the Bear: Journey Through The Roke

The English duo of Lucy and Jon Hart, collectively known as Honey and the Bear, came to my knowledge with this, their second album, released this spring. It was one of those happy surprises when an artificial intelligence (I can't remember which) recommended an artist to and actually hit the sweet spot. Journey Through The … Continue reading Album Review / Honey and the Bear: Journey Through The Roke

A Somewhat Belated Album Review / Gráinne Brady: Newcomer

(Since I’m not a music professional, I sometimes - quite often, really - miss a noteworthy release and wake up to it much later. This is one of those cases. The text below is written almost six months after the album’s release) Glasgow-based Irish composer-fiddler Gráinne Brady’s exceptional debut album The Road Across The Hills … Continue reading A Somewhat Belated Album Review / Gráinne Brady: Newcomer

Album Review / Staran: Staran

Featuring five top musicians in Scottish folk and trad scene, Staran call themselves a collective instead a band. In the olden days of arena rock, this would have been called a supergroup; fortunately we are in another time and another musical cosmos. The lineup of Carnie-Smedley-Lowrie-White-Lindsay leaves no doubts about musicianship - it is what … Continue reading Album Review / Staran: Staran

Album Review / Duncal Lyall: Milestone

As friends of contemporary Scottish music scene know, Duncan Lyall is one of the busiest people working in that field as a musician, composer, producer and whatnot. A multi-talent who, perhaps because of covid, has released only his second solo outing. His previous album, Infinite Reflections, was released in 2013 and it was essentially a … Continue reading Album Review / Duncal Lyall: Milestone

Album Review / Lau: Unplugged

Lau are not necessarily the easiest band to get into. The masterful trio of O’Rourke-Drever-Green have created their own sphere of slightly eccentric and experimental music that sometimes comes across as an acid trip mutation of Scottish folk. In a word, they are just brilliant. But it might take a few turns before you’re really … Continue reading Album Review / Lau: Unplugged

Album Review / Gráinne Holland: Ceol na Sióg

I initially discovered Gráinne Holland not through an album but a gig. Her live set at Celtic Connections 2019 was a total wow, and she came across as just a wonderful person as well. She was then promoting her third album, Corcra, her first with original material. It was as good as her gig, very … Continue reading Album Review / Gráinne Holland: Ceol na Sióg

Album Review / Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh: Neadú (Nesting)

Ah, Muireann… One of the most beautiful voices and presences in the Celtic scene has returned with this five-track EP. At 21 minutes, it’s just long enough to immerse yourself in her aural atmosphere. She openly states this is a lockdown creation and the album title reflects that as well. It’s a very intimate affair, … Continue reading Album Review / Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh: Neadú (Nesting)

Album Review / Bèolach: All Hands

As a non-professional music blogger, I sometimes simply miss a new release and notice it only after some time has passed. So it was with this one; All Hands was released in late 2019 but I got up to speed with it only a couple of weeks ago. Thankfully, my tardiness takes nothing away from … Continue reading Album Review / Bèolach: All Hands