Notes from Celtic Connections 2020, part 4

Tue 28 Our only concert of the day was the 35th anniversary celebration of Cherish The Ladies. The for all purposes sold out Royal Concert Hall was eager to welcome the core ensemble and their numerous guests. And the people certainly got their money's worth as the event stretched to over three hours, including a … Continue reading Notes from Celtic Connections 2020, part 4

Album Review / Amy Thatcher: Solo

When I was younger - a few years younger than now, that is - I was one of those people who thought Gary Larson really nailed it in one Far Side cartoon: Let's just say that things have changed for me since my all-rockin' days (or daze). As I began to get into folk music … Continue reading Album Review / Amy Thatcher: Solo

Album Review / Andrew Waite: Tyde

Let me just say that I find Simon Thoumire's excellent Hands Up For Trad website and his Foot Stompin' podcast most valuable sources for a fanboy like me to spot new and exciting music. It was on one of the more recents podcasts I came across the name of Andrew Waite. Didn't ring no bells … Continue reading Album Review / Andrew Waite: Tyde

Album Review / Gary Innes: Imminent

Gary Innes' third album continues his excellent work as a solo artist. As a the accordion guy in MĂ nran, his role is irreplaceable and on his own, he is simply fab. Imminent is, in my ears, a worthy successor and equal to ERA, his 2017 outing. The concept of the previous album is pretty much … Continue reading Album Review / Gary Innes: Imminent

Artist Intro: The Askew Sisters

The Askew Sisters (ENG), Emily and Hazel Askew, are a remarkable duo who perform traditional British ballads and other songs in their own, often darkly tinged, spare but very effective arrangements. Besides their voices, only a few instruments are needed to create an impressive reading of a song. Their basic setup is fiddle + accordion, … Continue reading Artist Intro: The Askew Sisters