Listening Diary for June 6-12, 2022

Master fiddlers are one of my favorite things in this world and Natalie MacMaster 🇨🇦 is one of the greatest. I love the energy in her playing; so much light and joy there. Her 2019 album Sketches was just the right soundtrack for a leisurly walk in the sunny and warm Finnish Saturday. I've never … Continue reading Listening Diary for June 6-12, 2022

Listening diary for May 23-29, 2022

If anything here seems interesting, go to your streaming service and try it out. And if you really, really like it, go to the artist’s web site or Bandcamp or iTunes or Google Play or Amazon or wherever and buy it in your preferred format - musicians need food too 😉 The Halton Quartet: Based … Continue reading Listening diary for May 23-29, 2022

Pádraig Rynne special

I did some catching up on the brilliant Irish concertina wiz and composer, Pádraig Rynne and his output. His 2019 album, Conscious, was one of the best releases that year, a gem of Celtic Fusion, neofolk, whatever you want to call modern folk music that’s not exactly trad. I love that album to bits. That … Continue reading Pádraig Rynne special

Rory Matheson & Graham Rorie: We Have Won The Land

This one really made my day, I’m listening to it for a second time now. The guys from Orkney have put out an album full of great playing, tunes and lots of emotion and also variation - never a dull moment here. It’s one of the albums that stylewise rides on both trad and neofolk … Continue reading Rory Matheson & Graham Rorie: We Have Won The Land

Hò-rò: New Moon

Oh hell yes. I’ve been a fan since their first album and this, their third one, does not let me down. Great groovin’ ”go dancing and clap a lot” tunes (Spot On, Kaylin’s) and quieter stuff (Little Bird) in about equal mesaure which makes for a perfect listening experience. Their playing is faultless yet loose … Continue reading Hò-rò: New Moon

Aoife Doyle: Inifinitely Clear

Not Celtic and not folk either, but hey, the Irish singer-songwriter’s third album just made me feel good when taking a walk in the nice spring air yesterday. The album features blue-eyed Irish soul, singer-songwriter stuff, folksier tunes and some laid back jazz colors. Her singing voice is soft and sensitive rather than Aretha-style strong … Continue reading Aoife Doyle: Inifinitely Clear

Quick Take album reviews: The Askew Sisters, MacDonald&Gamauf

The Askew Sisters continue their ”low-key but very intense” forays into the more shady forests of English folk. Enclosure is worthy of its name: a cosmos of it own, inhabited by songs mostly about various injustices, the minimal-yet-strangely-rich arrangements and the strong vocal performances by the sisters. As on their earlier albums, the overall mood … Continue reading Quick Take album reviews: The Askew Sisters, MacDonald&Gamauf

Quick Take Album Reviews: “Allt”, Fàrsan, Còig, Mary Ann Kennedy

This is a quick look at some albums I've listened to lately and wish to note for their quality even if I have nothing too insightful or clever to say about them 🙂 - The stellar Fowlis-Conway-Dooley-McIntyre ensemble released Allt almost a year ago already but only now it's really been on power play here. … Continue reading Quick Take Album Reviews: “Allt”, Fàrsan, Còig, Mary Ann Kennedy

Album Review / Eabhal: This Is How The Ladies Dance

I noticed Eabhal back in 2016 when I happened to hear their debut EP. It was a solid showing of potential in the field of Scottish trad, far from a beginner's first unsteady efforts. It took a while for a full album to appear but here it is, and well worth checking out. A casual … Continue reading Album Review / Eabhal: This Is How The Ladies Dance

Album Review / Gráinne Holland: Corcra

Corcra is Irish folk singer / singer-songwriter Gráinne Holland's third album. It both continues the natural evolution of its very good predecessors and brings in some new elements as well. Her songs have always been excellent: the ballads beautiful without being sappy or too ethereal, the ones with her band full-bodied without being too pop. … Continue reading Album Review / Gráinne Holland: Corcra