Album Review / Ross Ainslie: Vana

My wife loves Ross Ainslie to death. Big time. Really, really big time. If Vana was any weaker an album, I’d be in trouble because I can’t pretend when I write about music. So I’m totally grateful to Mr. Ainslie for giving the world an hour of music one cannot but love. Relief 😀 In … Continue reading Album Review / Ross Ainslie: Vana

Quick Take album reviews: The Askew Sisters, MacDonald&Gamauf

The Askew Sisters continue their ”low-key but very intense” forays into the more shady forests of English folk. Enclosure is worthy of its name: a cosmos of it own, inhabited by songs mostly about various injustices, the minimal-yet-strangely-rich arrangements and the strong vocal performances by the sisters. As on their earlier albums, the overall mood … Continue reading Quick Take album reviews: The Askew Sisters, MacDonald&Gamauf

Artist Intro: Bad Haggis

Bad Haggis (USA) will probably hold on forever to the best band name mentioned on this website :DGreat name aside, they are an electrified Celtic fusion band with a strong connection to Alasdair Fraser's Skyedance band project; Eric Rigler and bassist Mick Linden from Bad Haggis were a part of that amazing lineup. Bad Haggis … Continue reading Artist Intro: Bad Haggis

Artist Intro: Back of the Moon

Back Of The Moon (SCO) was a Scottish modern trad band active between 2000 and 2007 and recognized with several trad awards during that period. The lineup of the band was, in effect, an all-star team of young Scottish trad musicians: Findlay and Hamish Napier, Gillian Frame and Ali Hutton - the results had to … Continue reading Artist Intro: Back of the Moon

Artist Intro: Anna Murray (Anna Mhoireach)

Anna Murray (Anna Mhoireach) (SCO) is a piper-singer-actress-composer who made three solo albums between 1994 and 1999. They are very pleasant, well executed offerings with surprisingly rich arrangements that expand the trad format into singer-songwriter and even world music territory, with varied percussions and tastefully used synths giving the material its own personality. As far … Continue reading Artist Intro: Anna Murray (Anna Mhoireach)

Artist Intro: Ann Gray

Ann Gray (CAN) is a piper with two solo albums and a collection album featuring both solo and band project tracks. She is an overall excellent musician and her arrangements vary from very traditional to "pipes with a rock band" mashups; she's also played with Canadian Celtic folk band Seanachie. Not only are her albums … Continue reading Artist Intro: Ann Gray

Artist Intro: The Angus Nicolson Trio

The Angus Nicolson Trio (SCO) are an amazingly versatile band from the Isle of Skye, combining pipes, whistles, accordion, guitar and percussion (yes. they are a trio!) into a great trad-oriented package. Their so far two albums offer a wide spectrum of music, ranging from rowdy bagpipe-led pieces to elegant, quiet moments, all of it … Continue reading Artist Intro: The Angus Nicolson Trio