Album Review / Adenine

I have seen Ailie Robertson live on stage a few times, playing her harp with various excellent people in different Celtic and Folk lineups and combinations. And I got to talk to her briefly after the Outside Track’s amazing gig at CC2019 - what a lovely person she is! Being familiar with her previous solo … Continue reading Album Review / Adenine

Better-late-than-never Reviews 2×2: Grey & Peach, Macfarlane & Henderson

2x2 = two albums, both with two musicians and lots of the deceptively simple beauty I love in this music. I wasn’t properly awake when these were released earlier this year but, again, better late… The mesmerizing Air Iomall (On the Edge) by Charlie Grey & Joseph Peach is paired with a film of the … Continue reading Better-late-than-never Reviews 2×2: Grey & Peach, Macfarlane & Henderson

Artist Intro: Catriona McKay

Catriona McKay (SCO) is a harpist and composer who has pushed the boundaries of the Scottish harp and its possibilities with her solo work and collaborations. As a member of Fiddlers' Bid, she is very much a part of the Scottish trad scene but her own artistic endeavors are remarkable. Her playing is technically brilliant … Continue reading Artist Intro: Catriona McKay

Retro Review / Catriona McKay: Starfish (2007)

Starfish is a small wonder. The animal, of course, is one of nature's miracles, and there's a magical quality to harpist Catriona McKay's solo album, too, released 12 years ago. It's one of those albums where a true master decisively shows both the instrument's powers and her own artistic strength: her custom Starfish Scottish harp … Continue reading Retro Review / Catriona McKay: Starfish (2007)

Retro Review / Ailie Robertson: Traditional Spirits (2016)

Ah, the Celtic Harp... Such a fragile sounding instrument; looks great but can you really use it as the central piece in a band context? Yes, you can. If you're Ailie Robertson, that is. Traditional Spirits is a great album for various reasons and I just mentioned one of them: the harp takes many roles here … Continue reading Retro Review / Ailie Robertson: Traditional Spirits (2016)

Artist Intro: Alan Stivell

Alan Stivell (FRA) is a multi-instrumentalist and composer from Brittany, France. He has had a very long career that started in the late 1960's and continues to this day. Stivell's main instrument is the Celtic harp for which he is known, even he is fluent in various instruments as well, pipes included. When he brought … Continue reading Artist Intro: Alan Stivell

Artist Intro: Allison Kinnaird

Allison Kinnaird (SCO) is, according to Wikipedia, "M.B.E, is a glass sculptor, Celtic musician, teacher and writer" - whew! Her contribution to recorded Celtic folk music is very notable, as she made her first Celtic harp album, The Harp Key, already back in 1978. Between that album and the last one, The Silver String (2004), she made a few … Continue reading Artist Intro: Allison Kinnaird