Artist Intro: Elephant Sessions

Elephant Sessions (SCO) are an instrumental Celtic folk/funk/jazz fusion band, formed in 2012 in the Highlands. Their musical mix may seem unlikely but it has propelled the band to become, in a fairly short time, one of the most succesful recording and performing acts in the contemporary Celtic folk scene. The band’s instrumental lineup consists … Continue reading Artist Intro: Elephant Sessions

Album Review / Karine Polwart x 2: “Laws” + “Songbook”

As Karine Polwart's Scottish Songbook was released a while back, I realized I had let her previous album, Laws of Motion, mysteriously slip by in late 2018. So, I thought, here's a chance to write about them both – what could be better than a Polwart double feature! Laws of Motion was preceded by A … Continue reading Album Review / Karine Polwart x 2: “Laws” + “Songbook”

Album Review / Pádraig Rynne: Conscious

The Irish concertina (the tiny but powerful Irish accordion) master Pádraig Rynne really reshuffled the pack a few years ago with Notify, an album where his traditional instrument meshed with a barrage of loops, synths and rock band instruments. It was an exhilarating outburst of energy and surpringingly bold vision, a continuous hi-energy swirl with … Continue reading Album Review / Pádraig Rynne: Conscious

My interview with Dowally

One day in the springtime of the current year I was on my evening walk with Dowally's 2nd album, Somewhere, in my headphones. I had liked it and its predecessor even before, but now it sounded particularly nice in the beautiful light of May in the Nordic region. So I thought what the heck, this … Continue reading My interview with Dowally

A better-late-than-never review / Maeve Mackinnon: Strì (2018)

Strì is a pretty amazing album. And it's also a great introduction to what the contemporary Celtic folk scene has to offer right now. Maeve Mackinnon assembled not only a brilliant and many-sided set of songs but also a stellar band of players in this music scene. In my ears, Strì is folk music for … Continue reading A better-late-than-never review / Maeve Mackinnon: Strì (2018)

Album Review / Amy Thatcher: Solo

When I was younger - a few years younger than now, that is - I was one of those people who thought Gary Larson really nailed it in one Far Side cartoon: Let's just say that things have changed for me since my all-rockin' days (or daze). As I began to get into folk music … Continue reading Album Review / Amy Thatcher: Solo

A better-late-than-never Album Review / Kinnaris Quintet: Free One

Kinnaris Quintet and their debut album Free One have been around for a while already but for some reason I got to listening to it only recently. Which makes this another of my better-late-than-never reviews. I’ll start with an embarrassing confession: the mere word ’quintet’ in the ensemble’s name led me to believe I was … Continue reading A better-late-than-never Album Review / Kinnaris Quintet: Free One