Artist Intro: Flook

Photo by Naoki Fujioka, from the Flook web site Since you’re reading this, you’re almost certainly already more or less familiar with Flook, so I feel kind of foolish writing this. But in the unlikely but theoretically possible event you’ve never heard of them... Flook are an Irish-British contemporary folk band founded in 1995. The … Continue reading Artist Intro: Flook

Album Review: A John Doyle Double Feature

John Doyle, Ireland’s great gift to guitar in folk music, has obviously been a busy guy lately. His latest solo effort, Path Of Stones, came out in the spring and the collaboration album with a certain Mr. McGoldrick was released just a wee moment ago. Since I was not writing here too much during spring, … Continue reading Album Review: A John Doyle Double Feature

Album Review / David Foley & Jack Smedley: Time To Fly

It does not take much but it takes everything. It takes a fiddle and a flute and some other instruments and a few good people with good hands and a lot of soul. RURA's David Foley and Jack Smedley have released their first non-RURA outing, Time To Fly, an album of such natural flow, natural … Continue reading Album Review / David Foley & Jack Smedley: Time To Fly

Album Review / Project Smok: Bayview

Even out here in Finland, I noticed the first single and EP releases from the mysteriously titled band a couple of years ago. The playing was sharp and impressive and the material was very much ok so I earmarked them for further monitoring. And now things seem to be really moving in Smokland. Me and … Continue reading Album Review / Project Smok: Bayview

Retro Review / Brian Finnegan: The Ravishing Genius of Bones (2010)

I remember the three distinct occasions that made me fall in love with Irish and Scottish music, especially the music of our time that flows from those countries. First was Solas, then my discovery of Capercaillie, and then this, flute and white player and composer Brian Finnegan's first and so far only solo album. All … Continue reading Retro Review / Brian Finnegan: The Ravishing Genius of Bones (2010)

Artist Intro: Claire Mann

Claire Mann (ENG/SCO) is quite a stunning musician, masterful in both fiddle and flute, both of which she also teaches. She's English by birth, has lived in Scotland for a long time and has been awarded in Ireland for her excellence in the traditional Irish flute - very few musicians work so naturally and at … Continue reading Artist Intro: Claire Mann

Artist Intro: Catherine McEvoy

Catherine McEvoy (IRE) is a virtuoso Irish flute player whose recorded performances you simply need to hear if you're in any way interested in traditional Irish flute music and even more so if you're playing or learning to play it yourselfHer playing is quite mesmerizing: light, airy, swirling but commanding at the same time. Her … Continue reading Artist Intro: Catherine McEvoy

Artist Intro: Back of the Moon

Back Of The Moon (SCO) was a Scottish modern trad band active between 2000 and 2007 and recognized with several trad awards during that period. The lineup of the band was, in effect, an all-star team of young Scottish trad musicians: Findlay and Hamish Napier, Gillian Frame and Ali Hutton - the results had to … Continue reading Artist Intro: Back of the Moon