Artist Intro: Claire Mann

Claire Mann (ENG/SCO) is quite a stunning musician, masterful in both fiddle and flute, both of which she also teaches. She's English by birth, has lived in Scotland for a long time and has been awarded in Ireland for her excellence in the traditional Irish flute - very few musicians work so naturally and at … Continue reading Artist Intro: Claire Mann

Artist Intro: Catherine McEvoy

Catherine McEvoy (IRE) is a virtuoso Irish flute player whose recorded performances you simply need to hear if you're in any way interested in traditional Irish flute music and even more so if you're playing or learning to play it yourselfHer playing is quite mesmerizing: light, airy, swirling but commanding at the same time. Her … Continue reading Artist Intro: Catherine McEvoy

Artist Intro: Back of the Moon

Back Of The Moon (SCO) was a Scottish modern trad band active between 2000 and 2007 and recognized with several trad awards during that period. The lineup of the band was, in effect, an all-star team of young Scottish trad musicians: Findlay and Hamish Napier, Gillian Frame and Ali Hutton - the results had to … Continue reading Artist Intro: Back of the Moon