Listening Diary for June 6-12, 2022

Master fiddlers are one of my favorite things in this world and Natalie MacMaster 🇨🇦 is one of the greatest. I love the energy in her playing; so much light and joy there. Her 2019 album Sketches was just the right soundtrack for a leisurly walk in the sunny and warm Finnish Saturday. I've never … Continue reading Listening Diary for June 6-12, 2022

Album Review / Staran: Staran

Featuring five top musicians in Scottish folk and trad scene, Staran call themselves a collective instead a band. In the olden days of arena rock, this would have been called a supergroup; fortunately we are in another time and another musical cosmos. The lineup of Carnie-Smedley-Lowrie-White-Lindsay leaves no doubts about musicianship - it is what … Continue reading Album Review / Staran: Staran

Album Review / Duncal Lyall: Milestone

As friends of contemporary Scottish music scene know, Duncan Lyall is one of the busiest people working in that field as a musician, composer, producer and whatnot. A multi-talent who, perhaps because of covid, has released only his second solo outing. His previous album, Infinite Reflections, was released in 2013 and it was essentially a … Continue reading Album Review / Duncal Lyall: Milestone

Album Review / Brian Finnegan: Hunger of the Skin

Drums!!! That was my first reaction to Brian Finnegan’s new solo outing, as the drums exploded at approx. 0,8 seconds into the first track, Dust, right after the first guitar chord comes out. Drums, or a funky guitar riff for that matter, was not the thing I was expecting to hear on a Brian Finnegan … Continue reading Album Review / Brian Finnegan: Hunger of the Skin

Album Review / Adenine

I have seen Ailie Robertson live on stage a few times, playing her harp with various excellent people in different Celtic and Folk lineups and combinations. And I got to talk to her briefly after the Outside Track’s amazing gig at CC2019 - what a lovely person she is! Being familiar with her previous solo … Continue reading Album Review / Adenine

Album Review / Ross Ainslie: Vana

My wife loves Ross Ainslie to death. Big time. Really, really big time. If Vana was any weaker an album, I’d be in trouble because I can’t pretend when I write about music. So I’m totally grateful to Mr. Ainslie for giving the world an hour of music one cannot but love. Relief 😀 In … Continue reading Album Review / Ross Ainslie: Vana

A ”better late than never” review / Hamish Napier: The Woods

I hate the word organic when it’s applied to the marketing of food. It can mean a variety of things and most of them would be misleading to the customer who tries to make a responsible choice. So I use organic here after careful consideration, and I use it with the word lush. This for … Continue reading A ”better late than never” review / Hamish Napier: The Woods

Album Review / Brian Ó hEadhra & Fiona MacKenzie: Tuath – Songs of the Northlands

...and now for something completely different? The answer is a resounding ”yes” but only if you are not familiar with this innovative team’s previous album, Tìr: Highland Life & Lore, from two years ago. Both Ó hEadhra and MacKenzie are proven and established Celtic musicians who, with Tìr, broke some serious ground with a heady … Continue reading Album Review / Brian Ó hEadhra & Fiona MacKenzie: Tuath – Songs of the Northlands