Album Review / Staran: Staran

Featuring five top musicians in Scottish folk and trad scene, Staran call themselves a collective instead a band. In the olden days of arena rock, this would have been called a supergroup; fortunately we are in another time and another musical cosmos. The lineup of Carnie-Smedley-Lowrie-White-Lindsay leaves no doubts about musicianship - it is what … Continue reading Album Review / Staran: Staran

Artist I Follow: Angus Lyon

Region: Scotland Style: Contemporary Celtic, Crossover Celtic, Traditional Instrument(s): keyboards Associated acts: Angus Lyon & Ruaridh Campbell, Blazin’ Fiddles, The Halton Quartet WWW: Facebook: Bandcamp: Web store:

Artists I Follow: Alasdair Fraser

Region: Scotland > Instrument: Fiddle > Style: Scottish Trad, Contemporary Celtic, Crossover Celtic, Chamber Folk > Associated acts: Alasdair Fraser & Natalie Haas; Skyedance > WWW:; > Facebook:; > Web store:

Artist I Follow: Ailie Robertson

Region: Scotland > Instrument: Harp > Style: Contemporary Celtic, Chamber Folk, Experimental > Associated acts: The Outside Track, > AKA: Adenine > WWW: > Facebook: > Bandcamp:

Album Review / Trail West: Countless Isles and Endless Miles

As I’m writing this, it’s 90 minutes to the opening of Celtic Connections 2021. The festival is 100 % online only and I’m in our living room in southern Finland instead of Glasgow. 2020 really fucked up and changed so many things without warning. One of the bands affected by the dramatic turn of events … Continue reading Album Review / Trail West: Countless Isles and Endless Miles

Album Review / Ross Ainslie: Vana

My wife loves Ross Ainslie to death. Big time. Really, really big time. If Vana was any weaker an album, I’d be in trouble because I can’t pretend when I write about music. So I’m totally grateful to Mr. Ainslie for giving the world an hour of music one cannot but love. Relief 😀 In … Continue reading Album Review / Ross Ainslie: Vana

A ”better late than never” review / Hamish Napier: The Woods

I hate the word organic when it’s applied to the marketing of food. It can mean a variety of things and most of them would be misleading to the customer who tries to make a responsible choice. So I use organic here after careful consideration, and I use it with the word lush. This for … Continue reading A ”better late than never” review / Hamish Napier: The Woods

Album Review / Lauren MacColl: Landskein

A long time ago, in a land far, far away... That's how it feels when I remember a day this past winter, just over half a year ago. Me and my wife were in Glasgow for our second Celtic Connections and we had managed to get tickets to Lauren MacColl's solo recital at the City … Continue reading Album Review / Lauren MacColl: Landskein

Artist Intro: Fiona J. Mackenzie

Fiona J. Mackenzie photo at wikipedia Fiona J. Mackenzie is a Gaelic singer who has advanced not only Gaelic music but Gaelic culture and art in general. Her recorded output features a fine serving of Gaelic songs and singing, updated but not too modernized for our time. I have not been able to find her … Continue reading Artist Intro: Fiona J. Mackenzie