Album Review / Sam Carter: Home Waters

Times have changed... Four years after Sam Carter’s London-themed How The City Sings comes his new album, Home Waters. It tells a different kind of story: floods rise, storms both natural and political threaten to rip society’s fabric apart, disaster survivors try to cope. But there are also bittersweet memories, slow waves and domestic sanctuaries. … Continue reading Album Review / Sam Carter: Home Waters

Artist Intro: Emily Smith

(photo: Emily Smith (SCO) is a popular folk singer and musician whose acclaimed career thus far forms an arc from the earlier albums featuring trad/folk songs and songs by Robert Burns, often sung in Scots, to her current, very Americana-influenced style. She has a degree from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and was BBC … Continue reading Artist Intro: Emily Smith

Album Review / Kate Rusby: Philosophers, Poets and Kings

To my ears, Kate Rusby's fabulous career took yet another upward turn with her previous ”regular” outing, Life In A Paper Boat; the winter/Christmas album Angels and Men came after that one and was excellent too but seasonal music is a genre unto itself, at least to me. And I find very little to complain … Continue reading Album Review / Kate Rusby: Philosophers, Poets and Kings

Album Review / Kim Richards: Leaves That Fly

I discovered Kim Richards' debut album purely by chance when Mike Vass mentioned it on his Facebook page. Mike is the co-producer of this fine album and I'm thankful to the Celtic gods who obviously helped me find it 😉 The songs and the production remind me of some other brilliant contemporary Scottish and Irish … Continue reading Album Review / Kim Richards: Leaves That Fly

Album Review / Claire Hastings: Those Who Roam

Let's be honest about it: traditional songs from the Celtic and Nordic area tend to be... well, not all that complicated, musically. At least we who live in these areas and are familiar with their musical grammar can learn to hum or sing these tunes pretty quickly. So when artists take on this tradition and … Continue reading Album Review / Claire Hastings: Those Who Roam

Artist Intro: Cara Dillon

Cara Dillon (IRE) is a popular Irish modern folk singer and songwriter. She is both critically acclaimed and commercially succesful, and with good reason: her voice is angelic - tender and fragile but full of strong presence. At the core of her material are traditional Irish songs, with new arrangements by herself and her husband … Continue reading Artist Intro: Cara Dillon

Album Review / Gráinne Holland: Corcra

Corcra is Irish folk singer / singer-songwriter Gráinne Holland's third album. It both continues the natural evolution of its very good predecessors and brings in some new elements as well. Her songs have always been excellent: the ballads beautiful without being sappy or too ethereal, the ones with her band full-bodied without being too pop. … Continue reading Album Review / Gráinne Holland: Corcra