Artist Intro: Anxo Lorenzo

Anxo live at Celtic Connections 2019, photo by the writer Anxo Lorenzo (SPA) is a virtuoso piper and flutist from Galicia in northwestern Spain. His music is a dazzling combination of his home region's ancient Celtic roots, the music of the northern Celtic folk music tradition and various modern and trad influences from around the … Continue reading Artist Intro: Anxo Lorenzo

Album Review / The Lost Words: Spell Songs

The story behind this unique collaborative album is little short of amazing. Because it has been beautifully described elsewhere, I simply refer you to for full information on what this endeavor is about, how it got started and who are involved. I recommend visiting that site very much because it's also about The Lost … Continue reading Album Review / The Lost Words: Spell Songs

My interview with Dowally

One day in the springtime of the current year I was on my evening walk with Dowally's 2nd album, Somewhere, in my headphones. I had liked it and its predecessor even before, but now it sounded particularly nice in the beautiful light of May in the Nordic region. So I thought what the heck, this … Continue reading My interview with Dowally

Artist Intro: Dallahan

Dallahan (IRE-SCO) are a wonderfully boundless and uplifting folk band who pick up their main cues from Celtic music but expand and reach into the wide spectrum of European-based music, from Eastern and Central Europe to North America. Their home page quotes reviews that mention "a world music festival in one group" and characterize them … Continue reading Artist Intro: Dallahan

Artist Intro: Capercaillie

Capercaillie (SCO) are one of the groundbreaking Scottish bands that more or less invented Celtic Crossover already in the early 1990’s and continue performing to this day. Capercaillie's music was one of my paths and open doors to Scottish trad music; they occupy such a big, warm place in my heart. Capercaillie’s first three albums … Continue reading Artist Intro: Capercaillie

Retro Review / Alasdair Fraser: Dawn Dance (1995)

When I began to get interested in Celtic trad and folk, I might have stayed a longer time in the doorstep, peeking curiously in but not really entering the house had it not been for two artists: Capercaillie and Alasdair Fraser. Capercaillie's Celtic crossover was a virtual key to this music to someone who adores … Continue reading Retro Review / Alasdair Fraser: Dawn Dance (1995)

Retro Review / Ailie Robertson: Traditional Spirits (2016)

Ah, the Celtic Harp... Such a fragile sounding instrument; looks great but can you really use it as the central piece in a band context? Yes, you can. If you're Ailie Robertson, that is. Traditional Spirits is a great album for various reasons and I just mentioned one of them: the harp takes many roles here … Continue reading Retro Review / Ailie Robertson: Traditional Spirits (2016)