Welcome to a work in constant progress…!

NOTE: This is a November 10, 2022, update to this page

You are most welcome to my contemporary folk and trad music fan site – so glad you found it!

This site was previously called CeltBritFolkMusic but I have changed the title, although not the URL. This is essentially a blog that features album reviews and some very occasional artist interviews.

This blog used to be dedicated only to Celtic and British folk, but my own horizons and interests have expanded since I set this up, and now the folk scene in the Nordic region will also be on this blog’s radar – and I can hop to other regions as well if and when I encounter interesting music.

The blog covers both traditional music and the wide spectrum of what you might call contemporary folk, folk fusion or neofolk. I also try to write a more general posting every now and then; these would be “music musings”, reports from Celtic Connections and other festivals, and so on.

I am Finnish and live in Finland, not far from Helsinki. Me and my wife try to catch live folk shows in the UK, especially festivals, when we have the cash to travel (read: not too often).

As the Internet is full of negative and angry stuff, I have decided to keep quiet on the releases I would not have too many kind things to say about; I don’t want to add to the bad vibes already out there. So in practice every album review here is pretty much a recommendation to at least check out the album in question. In this respect, this is literally a fan blog and not professional or commercial music journalism, so please keep this mind when reading my notes. Thank you!

If you wish to contact me with site content suggestions or questions, please email me at celtbritfolkfan (at) gmail dot com

Good music, good times, good health – slàinte everyone 🙂

2 thoughts on “Welcome to a work in constant progress…!

  1. I love your site! you’ve already featured some of my very favourite artists. Especially love the interview with Adam Sutherland. Will watch for more to come!


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