Welcome to a work in progress…!

NOTE: This is a May 16, 2021, edit to this welcome text.

You are most welcome to my Celtic and British folk and trad music fan site – so glad you found it!

This site is essentially a blog that features album reviews and some very occasional artist interviews. I also try to write a more general posting every now and then; these would be “music musings”, reports from Celtic Connections and other festivals, and so on.

I am Finnish and live in Finland, not far from Helsinki. Me and my wife try to catch live shows in the UK, especially Scotland, when we have the cash top travel, and obviously, when it’s safe to travel. As of this writing, the Covid pandemic is still active and we are very much grounded in our home country for the time being. But we are vaccinated and looking forward to future travels 🙂

The “Artists I Follow” section is basically a list of all the artists and bands in the genre I enjoy, try to keep up with and review their latest releases. NOTE: this is a brand new section that’s very much growing and will eventually have basic info on probably hundreds of artists, so don’t go “hey, there’s almost nothing here!” quite yet 😉

Plase note: as the Internet is full of negative and angry stuff, I have decided to keep quiet on the releases I would not have too many kind things to say about; I don’t want to add to the bad vibes already out there. So in practice every album review here is pretty much a recommendation to at least check out the album in question. In this respect, this is literally a fan blog so please approach it as such.

Good music, good times, good health – slàinte everyone 🙂

2 thoughts on “Welcome to a work in progress…!

  1. I love your site! you’ve already featured some of my very favourite artists. Especially love the interview with Adam Sutherland. Will watch for more to come!


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