Quick Take Album Review / Crawford, Farrell, Doocey: Music And Mischief

Just a quick a very and non-analytical note on an album. Music & Mischief by the excellent Irish musicians Kevin Crawford, Colin Farrell and Patrick Doocey is brim full of the most delightful and spirited trad I have heard in a while!

There’s no attempt to upgrade or modernize the material in any notable way some nice jazzy thingies notwithstanding. The playing is stunningly good and so welded together, this should be a schoolbook example of the interplay and communication between musicians.

As Finland is now firmly plunged in winter darkness and southern parts are still without snow and black, this album has been such a welcome discovery, as it shines a lot of Irish light into our home. Music that’s good for the soul – and one’s mental health, I believe. Sláinte!


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