Coming back to music

I have been away from this blog for a while. The reasons are three: the fuckin’ virus, the day job, the first part of my summer vacation. The first two reasons suck, the third does not.

Even if we here in Finland have been spared the worst of the Covid-19 attack – thanks to a determined government, country with room to spare and a culture that’s not exactly kissy-huggy – the danger and the sense of constant threat left their mark as spring wore on. Combined with not the best phase at work, I began to lose music, so to say. Through most of spring, fabulous, excellent and brilliant new music kept my spirits up (just see the reviews!) but as time wore on, I began to shrink inward and go into a kind of hibernation.

To put it differently, I was too worn out to enjoy music. Sounds awful but that’s how it was. My energies were channeled to what needs to be done every day and finer things such as music and books were set aside. Not a clever strategy, perhaps, because these things are supposed to charge you and give you that lift and joy. But I just couldn’t.

Summer came, thank all the good gods, and with a stunning sun, Nordic heatwave and a couple of weeks off the usual grind, I came back to myself and to those finer things. Our Finnish nature can be a great healer and as me and my wife roamed small coastal towns and wonderful national parks and nature reserves, the nightmare of spring ’20 began to fade.

I hope I have not only bounced back but also learned something about myself and my not-always-too-successful coping strategies; I don’t want to feel that distant from music ever again. Maybe I also learned to be more relaxed about this blog and not approach it as a second job, which it’s definitely not.

To wrap this up: if you have been following this blog, apologies for the radio silence. Now you know what caused it.

And having said that, if you will excuse me – there is some music I want to write about…


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