It’s been quiet on FolkNotes…

…because my tinnitus acted up again a few weeks ago. I saw a doctor and an audiologist last year and they concluded I don’t have a hearing damage. I kind of guessed that myself since even with headphones my hearing balance is pretty perfect, and the tinnitus comes and goes in irregular periods which would not be the case if the hearing apparatus was actually damaged.

They discovered that I have ridiculously narrow and winding ear channels; the audiologist had to use an instrument designed for three year old kids to even see deep enough. It seems this leads to problems with inner ear pressure control and the audio nerves may also become pinched, causing these high frequency sounds.

Of course it was a relief to learn this – but the symptoms remain. Thankfully, they are not there all the time; the last time it struck was about a year and a half ago. But it does mess with my listening to music and, naturally, interferes too much in regard to writing about music.

So I’m just waiting for this cycle to ease out – it’s all I can do – and I’m eagerly looking forward to listening to and writing about all the fab new stuff that’s just been released.

C’est la vie. I will return as soon as possible, and that’s a promise.

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