Album Review / Dowally: Somewhere

I had the pleasure to see the Edinburgh-based trio’s 20-minute very solid show at this year’s Celtic Connections’ Danny Kyle Open Stage. The show sent them to the Open Stage finalists and, consequently, to appear as support to a major artist in CC2020.

And I just like this soooo much… The band’s website says that “Dowally make unclassifiable, thrillingly energetic music” and I testify that’s absolutely true. They have a wonderfully rich sound for a trio and they cheerfully hop over style borders. Another Edinburgh outfit, Dallahan, comes to mind as comparison; the bands’ sound and overall feel are different, but both groups find it natural to musically wander around Europe and, more in Dowally’s case, America as well. On Somewhere – an apt title, perhaps! – we encounter Celtic moods, jazzy moments, atmospheres from French cafés and, at times, something vaguely Argentine, not quite Piazzola but leaning a bit in that direction.

All in all, very lively and alive, down to earth and sophisticated at once. The album was released last summer and will definitely be a lot in my headphones especially as Finnish winter lets go and spring creeps in – it will be a perfect soundtrack to that.

Somewhere is available in material and immaterial formats on Dowally’s Bandcamp page and also on those streaming services you probably use anyway.

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