Double Irish: The London Lasses, Seo Linn

A quick one this time. Just so happened over the weekend that two Irish albums – one brand new, the other almost six years old – floated into my headphones. Both are much fun so I bundled them up here.

I had never heard of The London Lasses but as their new album is called LL25: The 25th Anniversary Album and it’s their fifth (not sure about this though…), I must concede being very, very, very late in joining the party 😄

Anyway, the album is a veritable smorgasbord of 14 tunes and sets of Irish trad, covering probably most of the essential bases in Irish music. It’s mostly ceilidh-ready danceable stuff, with some excellently performed songs (Báhnchnoic Éireann Ó is particulary impressive) to slow things down.

Well performed, with much spirit – and that’s about all I can say about it. Very nice! 🇮🇪🎶

I noticed somewhere that the band Seo Linn are about to release their second full album after their 2017 award-winning debut Solas and I had a strange feeling I had heard that one before… So I checked it out, recognized the cover art with the bright light bulb and revisited it.

It’s a great party album, really excellent in that niche, loads of fun. My wife literally danced to it while we were making dinner and the music probably made the food even better!

Thumping beats, catchy folk riffs and choruses that have that everybody now! feel to cheer you up and move your body. Part folk, part pop, part I dunno what, it made us jolly anyway. Looking forward to the new album, it will be interesting to see if they have settled down at all… 😉

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