Artist Intro: Elephant Sessions

Elephant Sessions (SCO) are an instrumental Celtic folk/funk/jazz fusion band, formed in 2012 in the Highlands. Their musical mix may seem unlikely but it has propelled the band to become, in a fairly short time, one of the most succesful recording and performing acts in the contemporary Celtic folk scene. The band’s instrumental lineup consists … Continue reading Artist Intro: Elephant Sessions

Album Review / The Elephant Sessions: What Makes You

The third album from the premier merchants of Celtic Funk continues the band's admirable evolution. From the more Trad-rooted debut The Elusive Highland Beauty to the tight'n'snappy funk of All We Have Is Now, the road has now led to a cooler approach where the funk is very controlled, less is more and electronics and … Continue reading Album Review / The Elephant Sessions: What Makes You

Album Review / Flook: Ancora

Wow. Just wow. After a recording break of 14 years (!!!), Flook are back - and they sound as if they last played together just a few days ago. They continue to amaze as they shine on this new album; for all the dazzling talents of its members, Flook are a remarkable unit as a … Continue reading Album Review / Flook: Ancora

Retro Review: Aidan O’Rourke’s “Sirius” (2005) and “An Tobar” (2008)

When I started this website, I inevitably did - and constantly do - some backtracking and kind of musical fact-checking, listening to stuff I haven't returned to in a while. In that context, I said hi to Aidan O'Rourke's earlier stuff, as it had been a while since I'd listened to it. I have to … Continue reading Retro Review: Aidan O’Rourke’s “Sirius” (2005) and “An Tobar” (2008)